• Petroleum selling

    One of the main activities is a bulk supply of petroleum products throughout Russia and foreign countries.
  • Logistic services

    Logistics is one of the key positions in the organization of enterprises of almost any sphere. Aquamarine TLK LLC offers professional solutions in this area.
  • Warehousing complex

    A significant competitive advantage of the company is the possibility of providing warehouse logistics to trading operators. The company guarantees the warehouse logistics of large volumes of any product and assumes a range of storage services.
  • Low-temperature chambers

    The company owns 12 low-temperature freezing chambers total area of 2700 square meters with the ability to support temperature of -30 C to 0 C, for storage of deep frozen (meat, seafood, etc.)
  • Dry storage facilities

    The company owns the dry storage facilities with the multi-tier racking equipment total area of 7600 square meters.
  • Outdoor storage area

    The company owns a total area of open storage space of 11 150 square meters, with the railway siding.
  • Transportation services

    Aquamarine TLK LLC renders services on delivery trucks in all regions of Russia, as well as receiving and sending of goods by rail.
  • Freight forwarding

    Logistic center of Aquamarine TLK offers a wide range of services in forwarding of export and import cargo at the seaport.
  • Wholesale of alcoholic beverages

    The direction on selling alcoholic beverage products - is the experience, professionalism and excellent service.
  • Own shops network

    The Aquamarine TLK company is developing its own sales network in the Krasnodar Territory. The company plans in the near future to open at least 1,500 shops of its own network only on the Black Sea coast.
  • Cement selling

    The Aquamarine TLK company has been long known as a reliable supplier of extremely high quality cement on the Russian construction market. The delivery of products carried out by railway, by self (transport to the buyer) or the ship's party directly from the manufacturer to any port in the world.